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Telecommunications Planning & Development Advisory Board

Created by the New Hampshire legislature in 2000, the Telecommunications Advisory Board Committee (TAB) is tasked with advising and assisting the Director of Broadband Technologies at the Division of Economic Development to analyze and access the State of New Hampshire's broadband infrastructure and needs to promote access to affordable and reliable advanced telecommunications services. Download information on the committee structure and membership.

The TAB Meets quarterly most often at the Department of Resources and Economic Development, 172 Pembroke Rd, Concord NH 03301.  Meetings are open to the public.  If you have any questions about Committee activities, membership, or initiative call Carol Miller, Director of Broadband Technologies at 603-271-2341 X138 or email carol.miller@dred.nh.gov.


Encourage, promote, and support the achievement of affordable universal access and adoption of interoperable advanced telecommunications throughout the state of NH to facilitate economic development, improve the quality and availability of education, healthcare, public safety and government services.



Telecommunications Planning and Development Advisory Committee - Member Designees

Telecommunications Planning and Development Legislation (changes to legislation in 2013 have not posted to nh.gov)


See Calendar of Events for upcoming meeting information


Minutes of meetings:

Presentations from meetings:


Telecommunications in New Hampshire June 2013 

Tab Survey Results

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